Canine Behaviourist
  • Online Canine Behaviour Course - lectured by Nick Jones MA - Nick can be heard on BBC radio in response to current news stories and answering caller's queries on Dog Behaviour
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Take the first step to be a Canine Behaviourist or learn to deal with your own dogs behavioural problem.

Canine Behaviour course lectured by Nick who writes on Dogs Monthly as a behaviour expert, can be heard on BBC radio in response to current news stories and answering caller’s queries, and is the group dog behaviourist to the Just for Pets group of pet stores. Nick also holds the prestigious position of a 'Master Dog Trainer' with the Guild of Dog Trainers and is a full member to the CFBA.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Canine Behaviour
  • Module 2: The Psychology of Dog's Mind
  • Module 3: Breed Differences in Behaviour
  • Module 4: Training Problems for Owners
  • Module 5: Social Behaviour - diet problems clues & facts, eliminative behaviour,urination,defection,aggression,fears & phobias
  • Module 6: Stress and Anxiety Problems
  • Module 7: Pack Rules, Male & Female Sexual Behaviour
  • Module 8: Canine Grooming Behaviour

Nick Jones lectures


  • Lecture 1 - Puppy Behaviour 
  • Lecture 2 - Children and Dogs
  • Lecture 3 - Aggression to dogs & people
  • Lecture 4 - Car Travel
  • Lecture 5 - Diet and Nutrition
  • Lecture 6 - Digging
  • Lecture 7 - Dog Fears and Phobias
  • Lecture 8 - Excessive Barking
  • Lecture 9 - Jumping up
  • Lecture 10 - Lack of Recall
  • Lecture 11 - Separation Anxiety
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You will have unlimited access for 12 months from your first login date.

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We have a learner's support team, you can contact them from the learning hub for any query that you may have during the learning process.

Q. If I change my mind after purchase, can I cancel it for a refund?

Sorry, we do not accept cancellations or process a refund once the login details are provided.

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Yes you will get a certificate of completion.

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Yes, our website is responsive, which means you can view the lectures and read the notes on a tablet or a smartphone.

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