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The pet industry is an enormous and rapidly-growing market. In the past ten years, the industry has experienced unprecedented growth from $23 billion to over $50 billion annual spendings on pets is expected to grow in the next two years, according to consumer research company packaged facts, as cited by Forbes Magazine

Whilst you learn Pet Care @ Pet Addict you care for many home less pets as a percentage of our profit is donated to pet rescue organisations regularly.

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Customer Reviews

  • starstarstarstarstar
    This course was very informative and extremely helpful to my learning about the care of animals. I am glad to have discovered you PETADDICT.

    Posted By Laura Mainella , Canada on 09th Jan, 2017
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Thank you very much for the course. It is very easy to follow and understand. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to continuing my online studies.

    Posted By Esther Riddell, United Kingdom on 09th Jan, 2017
  • starstarstarstarstar
    I enjoyed the course, gave me lots of good information and exercises that helped to understand.

    Posted By Maria Buchwald, United Kingdom on 23th Dec, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Very interesting! I love the (food) recipes (for my pets).

    Posted By Pam Kuster, US on 5th Dec, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Excellent course with interesting and helpful information. Extra bonus that you can download the course content.

    Posted By Melissa Davison, United Kingdom on 6th Nov, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    This course was awesome learned a lot. feel very comfortable to be able to groom dogs and cats. Thanks for a great course.

    Posted By Beverly Lapsley, US on 12th Oct, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Course had some good information, Some I was already familiar with.

    Posted By Brittany Watkins, Canada on 11th Oct, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    This has been a very insightful course that I have enjoyed doing, all apart from the technical difficulty on unit 5 all has gone well. the problem was solved quickly though once I emailed the team. I look forward to learning more through PetAddict

    Posted By Lynsey white, United Kingdom on 07th Oct, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Dog Behaviour and Psychology is my second course with Pet Addict. The course offers valuable information in an easy to follow way. Recommended.

    Posted By Silvia Montecchio, Italy on 07th Oct, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Most enjoyable & enlightening course in pet grooming

    Posted By Laura Cross, Australia on 09th Sep, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Very interesting and very helpful - definitely would recommend to anyone getting a puppy or even having an adolescent dog. Thank you Pet Addict for a great course.

    Posted By Tracy Barnes, Ireland on 20th Sep, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Really interesting course. Easy to digest and some really informative information and fab recipes too

    Posted By Lisa Wilkinson-Black, United Kingdom on 09th Sep, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Really good course lots of information and a lot of home made recipes which are very useful

    Posted By Rochelle blades, United Kingdom on 07th Sep, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    I found this course very informative and well presented.

    Posted By Karen Bertoncini, Australia on 28th Aug, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    I found the course guide very good with clear information and well presented all aspects covered giving confidence and knowledge. The videos were full of top tips and clear instructions on topics covered, passing on good and clear instructions to keep the dog safe and happy while being groomed.

    Posted By Jayne Maggs, United Kingdom on 20th Aug, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    All the videos and the course document were very informative. I enjoyed taking this course at my own leisurely pace. A great starting point for beginners.

    Posted By Elle Copsey, United Kingdom on 19th Aug, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Great wee course very well explained and easy to follow.

    Posted By Lynette , United Kingdom on 1st Aug, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    very informative and easy to understand

    Posted By Alexander Hume , United Kingdom on 13th July, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    This was a terrific course, thank you! There was no problem understanding or being able to see what was going on. If you're just starting out or want to groom your pets at home this is ideal.

    Posted By Paulette Wolpert , South Africa on 23rd June, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Very good course. Videos are very easy to follow. Clear instructions. I have just groomed my own dog and she looks great. Thank you.

    Posted By Ger Ledger , Ireland on 17th June, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    Easy to understand.Very enjoyable experience.

    Posted By Donna Fields , United Kingdom on 13th June, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    I thoroughly enjoyed this course , it was well explained through out and was well paced out excellent course.

    Posted By Doreen Watson , United Kingdom on 28th May, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    I found this course very easy and completed it quickly, its perfect if you don't have a lot of time to sit down and take notes or study for tests because you can save each module to look back on when needed and also the end of module quiz is enough to test your memory. Really enjoyed this and I'm looking at doing some more courses with Pet Addict!.

    Posted By Aimee Rendell , United Kingdom on 23th May, 2016
  • starstarstarstarstar
    I have enjoyed this part of the course. I have found it most interesting and amusing but so true.

    Posted By Christine Fryatt , United Kingdom on 20th May, 2016

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