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Veterinary Assistant Course

Trusted Content: Comprises of video lectures, annotated lessons with live support for any queries. Quizzes and interesting exercises

You will get a diploma certificate upon successful completion

Personalised Learning: The course duration is 2 weeks however you get 12 months access to the course so you can study at your own pace and convenience on any device mobile, tablet or laptop

Tools to attain your creative goals: Full time support by our team and placement assistance to all candidates

  • Level - Beginner
  • Duration - Weeks
  • Certified Diploma
  • Course Delivered 100% Online
  • Fee:  $257.00

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Course Overview Modules Covered Reviews

Kick-start a career in the field of animal nursing or veterinary care

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Veterinary Assistance
  • Module 2: Animal Handling and Restraint
  • Module 3: Handling Livestock Safety
  • Module 4: First Aid for Animals
  • Module 5: First Aid for Small Animals
  • Module 6: Dealing with Puppies and Kittens
  • Module 7: The Veterinary Practice Team
  • Module 8: Animal Health Emergencies
  • Module 9: Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues
  • Module 10: Veterinary Assistant Skills Checklist

I have just completed this course. I have found it very interesting and have learnt a great deal. I will be able to use this knowledge with my own pets as well as during my training period in a vet practice. Would definitely recommend!

Paula Turner, GB

Very good course and great info for people who are interested in learning about this subject

Mackenzie Friel, IE

I thoroughly enjoyed the Veterinary Assistant Course !!! I have learned so much !


In depth and informative, well laid out quiz.

Fabienne LEAH, GB

I just would like to say thank you so much for this opportunity. I will highly recommend this course (through PetAddict) to anyone who may ask.

Kerri-Ann Bell, ZA

Interesting course and easy to complete in my own time.

Helane Davidson, GB

Thank you for this opportunity and for a good, informative and interesting course. I enjoyed it thoroughly and learnt a lot.

Reinette le, ZA

Its was a good learning experiences

Tiffany Ward, ZA

It's a great course I enjoyed it but there could be more information on analyzing the dogs body language for nervousness and aggression I did look up that information online because I felt like it needed more because in all actuality there is a lot to a dog's body language and many different ways to miss read it. But it was a very knowledgeable course I took loads of notes for my own use and it helps me keep the information fresh in mind. And I did the test so many times I can ace it with my eyes closed now! Thank u can't wait for my next course!!!!

Heather Fekay, US

Easy to follow course

Lydia Pixton, US

was very informative. Only module pertaining to law was interesting but does not apply to RSA. But thank you as i have learnt a lot and can apply it to the animal welfare society where i volunteer at.

Kathy Scholes, ZA

The course is well designed and easy to understand. The tests are more challenging than at first glance. You really have to know your work to be able to answer multiple choice questions. Overall, a good course to study.

Uwais Rawoot, ZA

This course was beneficial to our Kennels. We have a better understanding of our dogs health and don't feel the need to visit the vet for the smaller things that we can deal with our-self without any stress. Thanks

Susan Brown, ZA

I enjoyed this course very much, it was a simple to follow . I would recommend this course .

una gardener, GB

This course is of great interesy. It describes in a very interesting and simple way all issues. I am very pleased with the possibilities of online learning. Regards Diana

Diana Przytulska, IE

What a great course! I loved every module and it has left me thirsting for more knowledge in this area! The course was well structured and very informative.

Kirsten , ZA

Very informative , enjoyed the course very much - learned a lot even though i work at a practice i still end up learning a lot from this course, will recommend it to anyone that want to enter the Veterinary field.

Maroline Van Vuuren, ZA

Module was very simple and easy to understand. Will consider other courses as well.

Melody Gonzalez, US

This course was very informative and extremely helpful to my learning about the care of animals. I am glad to have discovered you PETADDICT.

Laura Mainella, CA

This course has thought me so much. It allowed me to learn more about how to deal with dogs and other animals in a way that i didn't know was possible for me to do. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you

Kelly Johnston, ZA

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was very informative, well organised and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it to others!

Terry Perault, US

Excellent! its an interesting course. You could perhaps set a time limit on the tests

Lisa Megan, ZA

I thoroughly enjoyed the course as it is not only very insightful but also very interesting and helpful. The study material is fantastic! Loved the course.

Nicole Costa, ZA

Found the course very informative and easy to follow.

Maureen Catherine Wagener, GB

Really great course. Enjoyed every minute of my studies and all the new knowledge I was able to gain.

Samantha Schroder, ZA

Really enjoyed this course. Modules easy to follow and really informative. Help centre really helpful with any queries. Highly recommend this course.

Lisa Wilkinson-Black, GB

This has been a brilliant course. Learned a lot, I have cats and this will help me to better assist them (make them comfortable) when they are ill especially during times when I cannot get to a vet.

Nazley , ZA

Enjoyable and very informative short course.

Vanessa Cumming, ZA

Many thanks for such a great course, which I really enjoyed. The topics covered were really interesting and progressed in a very logical manner. I look forward to doing more courses with Pataddict!!

Ruth Kelleher, IE

I found this course easy to understand and get through. Everything was presented clearly and in a way that was easy to take in. I liked that the quizzes weren't completely straight-forwards, providing some challenge. Overall, am happy with this course and glad I took it.

Bethany Cottrell, GB

Really enjoyed the modules, very easy to use. Would recommend the course.

Melanie kruck, GB

This course is very informative and can be applied by anybody owning a pet in their own personal home, not just persons studying towards becoming a veterinary assistant. A very interesting and well detailed course :)

Nicole De Sousa, ZA

Really enjoyed the course and found it interesting. Highly recommended.

Danielle , ZA

Very informative course!

Danielle Peters, ZA

I enjoyed the course and I learned a lot from it..

Venessa Kriel, ZA

I found this course excellent! Its was very informative and straightforward. I loved being able to do it at my own pace and it was great to be able to send a message and get a quick reply. I would recommend this course to others as it is a great stepping stone into the world of vets and animals. I have been working as an assistant in a vets for years and to get a certificate for it now is brilliant. I will be looking to do more online courses to keep up with my learning. I'm a very happy customer!! Thank you.

Rhona Lynam, IE

This course was very good. I did have some problems with some of the quizzes where I'd press the correct answers then it will say I got them wrong after redoing the same quiz with the exact same answers I got 100% other than that everything was good and very interesting.

Bianca , ZA

I must say,i really enjoyed doing this course. I would do it over and over again just for the fun of it, if i could. I really love working with animals so this course helped me a lot with understanding animals in all kinda of ways. Thank you for having this program,it really was a interesting course to do. Regards Samantha

Samantha Baker, ZA

This is a really great course for anyone thinking of making the step towards becoming a veterinary assistant or just even a better pet owner. Full of practical and useful information with plenty of time to challenge your learning through the quiz and research questions. Really enjoyed the course and thanks so much.

Ann-Marie Henderson, IE

Great course, not hard but has great information !!

roisin Kelly, IE

good information

Louisa cooke, GB

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