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Dog Behaviour & Psychology

Trusted Content: Comprises of video lectures, annotated lessons with live support for any queries. Quizzes and interesting exercises

Taught by: Nick Jones
You will get a diploma certificate upon successful completion

Personalised Learning: The course duration is 2 weeks however you get 12 months access to the course so you can study at your own pace and convenience on any device mobile, tablet or laptop

Tools to attain your creative goals: Full time support by our team and placement assistance to all candidates

  • Level - Beginner
  • Duration - Weeks
  • Certified Diploma
  • Course Delivered 100% Online
  • Fee:  $257.00

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Course Overview Modules Covered Reviews

Take the first step to be a Canine Behaviourist or learn to deal with your own dogs behavioural problem.

Canine Behaviour course lectured by Nick who writes on Dogs Monthly as a behaviour expert, can be heard on BBC radio in response to current news stories and answering caller’s queries, and is the group dog behaviourist to the Just for Pets group of pet stores. Nick also holds the prestigious position of a 'Master Dog Trainer' with the Guild of Dog Trainers and is a full member to the CFBA.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Introduction to Canine Behaviour
  • Module 2: The Psychology of Dog's Mind
  • Module 3: Breed Differences in Behaviour
  • Module 4: Training Problems for Owners
  • Module 5: Social Behaviour - diet problems clues & facts, eliminative behaviour,urination,defection,aggression,fears & phobias
  • Module 6: Stress and Anxiety Problems
  • Module 7: Pack Rules, Male & Female Sexual Behaviour
  • Module 8: Canine Grooming Behaviour

Nick Jones lectures

  • Lecture 1 - Puppy Behaviour
  • Lecture 2 - Children and Dogs
  • Lecture 3 - Aggression to dogs & people
  • Lecture 4 - Car Travel
  • Lecture 5 - Diet and Nutrition
  • Lecture 6 - Digging
  • Lecture 7 - Dog Fears and Phobias
  • Lecture 8 - Excessive Barking
  • Lecture 9 - Jumping up
  • Lecture 10 - Lack of Recall
  • Lecture 11 - Separation Anxiety

A great course, especially if you are looking to work with dogs or even get a dog of your own. Very informative and enjoyable. Thank you so much.

Jaymee-Leigh Gibbs, GB

I have gained so much knowledge, through doing this course wished i had done It early When I first got my Puppy or before I brought him home. I really liked that you can work at your own pace do as much or as little as you would like in a day.

Lisa Taylor, GB

Lots of information delivered in an accessible format.

Zoe Doran, GB

10/10 recommend I loved this course and it has helped me to develop my interest and I will continue to study. Thanks again

Lisa Clark, AU

found it really easy to follow and extremely informative would recommend for others to use

Leanne burrows, GB

Absolutely loved this course! I was needing to brush up on things to go in for doggy daycare, and this was a great course to do, new or old to this kind of course. Definitely recommend it!

Lori , GB

Very interesting course and enjoyable

miss louise, GB

I thoroughly enjoyed this course as the modules were very detailed and interesting no matter what level of dog psychology study you are at. I particularly enjoyed the modules which encompassed wolf behaviour. I would definitely recommend this Dog Psychology course as a starting point or as a refresher for those who are already educated in dog psychology as it covers all the important topics and looks at dog behaviour from a range of perspectives.

Samantha Dillon, GB

It was a super course. Lots of good tips and information covered. Kennith Webb France

Kennith Webb, FR

I would have liked this module to go a little further into this subject, but enjoyed and valued what I have learnt. Thank you


Found it very useful and informative and helped in topping up my knowledge

Felicity Coulthard, GB

This course was very engrossing. Understanding dog behaviour is essential before any training programme is considered. A happy dog is a good dog. ! There are too many misconceptions regarding dog behaviour and this course really opens your eyes to truth and reality. Highly recommend this course.

Jan Farthing, GB

Great course very comprehensive on all of the topics and very helpful I would recommend it to anyone who wants to understand what goes on with your dogs mind and what may cause problems with your dogs.

Nikki Sharland, GB

I enjoyed doing this course, it was very helpful to our business as we breed dogs and love giving them the best care we can. Thanks Susan

Susan Brown, ZA

I found this course really helpful and full of interesting informations. .

Regina Keenan-LIndsey, GB

An interesting course and one that I enjoyed.

Danielle Wolf, GB

Excellent course very informative, I would highly recommend doing this. I have found I interesting and easy to follow, the video lecture were ideal for what I needed this for Thank you and I will be looking to do a further course with you soon Michelle Young

Michelle Young, GB

Very informative and interesting

Kathryn Griffiths, GB

👍🏽 very good

Romy , GB

Extremely good course

Jason O'Boyle, IE

i liked it thanks

Vicky vosloo, AU

I've always wanted to take a dog behaviour course, for myself and to get to know my dogs on a different level in life. Thank you for making this possible, I've learned so much!

Anel , ZA

I found this course very informative and I feel I've learnt a lot I am currently working at a dog kennels and everyday I'm seeing behaviours in a different light and understanding more what the dogs are going through whilst in my care. Thank you again for giving me this education as I will use this information on a daily basis and hope to make a career out of it. Jennie De Oliveira

Jennifer De Oliveira, GB

I enjoyed the course, give me lots of good information's and exercise that help to understand.

Maria Buchwald, GB

I've enjoyed this online course, it being my first. The fact that you can study it and complete it in and around your own work is extremely satisfying.

Loredana Savona, GB

Really good course with plenty of different information in PDFs, videos and quizzes.

Melissa Davison, GB

this has been a very insightful course that I have enjoyed doing, all apart from the technical difficulty on unit 5 all has gone well. the problem was solved quickly though once I emailed the team. I look forward to learning more through PetAddict

Lynsey white, GB

Dog Behaviour and Psychology is my second course with Pet Addict. The course offers valuable information in an easy to follow way. Recommended.

Silvia Montecchio, IT

Really interesting course. Really informative and value for money

Lisa Wilkinson-Black, GB

Very detailed information given, the site was easy to navigate, but sometimes timed out on me when i was completing the quizzes. Overall I would recommend this to anyone would would like to know more about dogs.

Erica Johnson, GB

Easy to understand.Very enjoyable experience

Donna Fields, GB

loved the course

Laura Cross, AU

I found this course very easy and completed it quickly, its perfect if you don't have a lot of time to sit down and take notes or study for tests because you can save each module to look back on when needed and also the end of module quiz is enough to test your memory. Really enjoyed this and I'm looking at doing some more courses with Pet Addict!

Aimee Rendell, GB

My experience with the course has been amazing and a eye opener. I have grown up with animals, especially dogs my whole life. My mother was a dog trainer, and even knowing what has been instilled in me, i have still learnt so much. This has been a value, knowledgeable to me and will be a positive form my family and my companions (3 crazy doggies). Thank you very much Siobhan Curry

Siobhan , ZA

This course was so informative and has helped me with my puppy. Thank you pet addict

Catherine Peckham, GB

Yet again another very informative & interesting course.


Very helpful course which I very much enjoyed.

Kim Young, GB

I loved this course. Learned quite a bit. I am glad that there was reading and videos. I work with shelter dogs and it is nice to have a better insight on fear based behavoirs especially.

Dianne Baker, US

I really enjoyed this course and found it to be a good balance between theory and practice. It is not easy to build in a practical component into an online course but this one has done a great job in this regard.

Anette Meyer, ZA

nice organized and well thought through concept, it was fun reading the notes and answering the questions.

Anke King, US

Excellent course centered to the needs of the learner, encompassing new Ideas throughout

paul baker, GB

Loved the course

Emma Rosney, IE

Very good online review of dog behaviour. I would recommend this course to others.

Patricia Neath, CA

It was a lot of information which was very relevant to my field. Information was put together well and I was able to learn and move through the courses at my own pace.

Heather Wilcox, US

This course was very informative and very well put together. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to go further in dog behaviour. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much George

George van Huyssteen, ZA

I have found this course very interesting and helpful, i am a dog groomer and it was great to get some info to pass on to my customers when they have a training problem etc. i have really enjoyed the course, and i am looking forwards to starrting my next one. I would recommend this course to any one interested in animal welfare if they get the opportunity

Tina Cartwright, IE

This course helped me a great deal to better understand my one dog that has anxiety and separation issues. I enjoyed learning things that I didn't know before taking this course.

Sheila Whewell, US

I have really enjoyed this course and gained a good insight into the behaviour of my own 4 dogs.

Janette Murphy, GB

this is my dream course.

Leanne Thorne, US

The course was great! I have leaned a lot of new things, all the modules were easily understandable. The overall experience was interesting and fun.

Anna Onodi, GB

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