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Puppy Training Course

sachin - Trusted Content: Comprises of video lectures, annotated lessons with live support for any queries. Quizzes and interesting exercises

Taught by: Dr. Ian Dunbar
You will get a diploma certificate upon successful completion

Personalised Learning: The course duration is 2 weeks however you get 12 months access to the course so you can study at your own pace and convenience on any device mobile, tablet or laptop

Tools to attain your creative goals: Full time support by our team and placement assistance to all candidates

  • Level - Beginner
  • Duration - Weeks
  • Certified Diploma
  • Course Delivered 100% Online
  • Fee:  $253.00

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Course Overview Modules Covered Reviews

Raise your puppy the right way and turn them into a true canine companion

13 videos and 4 books by Dr. Ian Dunbar, the founder of SIRIUS Puppy Training, the world's first puppy training school for pet dogs. These resources provide everything you need to know to raise the perfect puppy. Dr. Dunbar uses science-based training methods that are fun and effective. Learn how to housetrain and socialize your puppy, prevent common behavior problems and train essential manners and obedience skills. With practice, you'll end up with a dog that is confident, friendly and under control, even while off-leash and surrounded by distractions.

Course Summary

This course consists of several individual videos and ebooks by Dr. Ian Dunbar, offered as a package. It is not a traditional course, rather it is a collection of resources. There are no worksheets or tests but there are plenty of exercises for you to practice with your puppy. There is no tutor feedback. Most of the resources focus on puppy training but much of the information can be applied to older dogs and some of the videos are specifically for older dogs.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Before and After You Get Your Puppy - These two ebooks explain the puppy raising essentials
  • Module 2: How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks - Fun training with toys, treats, lures and rewards. The definitive text for lure/reward training
  • Module 3: Dr. Dunbar's Good Little Dog Book - A brief but comprehensive guide to puppy training, filled with step-by-step photos for luring your dog
  • Module 4: Sirius Puppy Training Classic. The original puppy training video - Voted BEST VIDEO by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Module 5: Training Dogs with Dunbar - Covers a wide variety of topics that address the need for both control and a healthy relationship with your dog
  • Module 6: Training the Companion Dog - This four video set includes 1) Socialization & Training 2) Behavior Problems 3) Walking & Heeling 4) Recalls & Stays
  • Module 7: Sirius Adult Dog Training - Explains training techniques that have been designed specifically for the needs of older dogs
  • Module 8: Sirius Puppy Training Redux - A well-run puppy class is a wonderful addition to training in the home. See how the best classes are run
  • Module 9: Biting & Dog Aggression - These video seminars show you how to deal with a dog who is aggressive towards people or other dogs
  • Module 10: Dog Training for Children - It's critical that children learn how to behave responsibly around dogs. If they do, they can make excellent trainers
  • Additional videos include: Every Picture Tells a Story & Who Trains Whom

A great insight into puppy training with good variety of resources. Videos are really good. I really enjoyed learning this course.

Jemma Edmonds, GB

Just love Dr Dunbar and his methods

Chantelle Smit, ZA

I very much enjoyed learning of Dr Dunbar's positive reinforcement methods for training puppies and older dogs. This course was extremely helpful given that I have recently taken on a dog and that I provide puppy classes at my place of work. There is a wealth of information and literature within this course that was excellent to have access to. I would recommend this very highly to anyone. Thank you

Hannah Hunter, GB

Enjoyed this course and learned some good tips

Nicola Corcoran, GB

Very informative, should be read by everyone before getting any breed of dog.

Anthony Cunnett, GB

Very good course. I love it. Learn a lot. Thx

Pedro Sousa, GB

I really enjoyed this course and I learnt alot

Joanne Carr, GB

I thoroughly enjoyed the puppy course and although I have reared many pups it gave some different points in a lot of aspects. It is good to see things through other peoples eyes as this broadens your ability to pass knowledge on to others. I have recommended the course to others.

Gail Thompson, GB

Fantastic course with great videos and booklets for support. Would recommend to anyone that wants to train their dog properly without instilling fear into the dog to get it to do what you want it to do. Very informative and a fantastic way to build bonds as training goes along through each stage of the dogs life.


Found this course to be very informative. Would highly recommend it.

Helen Lewis, GB

It was good, learnt new ways of training, lots of information, would be nice to do a test at the end but for people who struggle with doing tests I would highly recommend the course.

Chloe-Ella Willcox, GB

It was a super course. Lots of good tips and information covered. Kennith Webb France

Kennith Webb, FR

very good course. i learnt alot and found that i thought alot different about training a puppy to how you actually should.

Paul Murphy, GB

An excellent course. Well presented, very informative and easy to follow.

Susan Barraclough, GB

the videos are a bit dated but extremely informative. The information is clear and key points are repeated several times, which is really good for learning. Overall I really enjoyed this and would recommend it. A test at the end of every part would be a nice plus

Alice , GB

Dr Ian is one of a kind - teaches humans to train animals in a humane and caring way. Thank you


Great course

Nicola Finlay, GB

Really enjoyed the course good videos and very helpful, enjoyed the quizzes and exercises.

Nikki Sharland, GB

I found the course to be very helpful. I gained a lot of insight into dog behaviors and how we should/shouldn't respond. I run my own puppy school though the company i work for and our program is based on how/what you teach(Ian Dunbar)

Bonnie Godwin, AU

Very interesting and informative

Jason O'Boyle, IE

it was a great course

Vicky vosloo, AU

Thank you very much for a very easy to follow and understand course. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to continuing my online studies.

Esther Riddell, GB

Lots of great useful information and videos

Mary Wright, GB

Excellent program very easy to follow. Wonderful videos, really shows what can happen in class and how to teach the handler and encourage the dog. Ian makes the training and videos fun and keeps you entertained as well as the fact you learn a lot from the course. I would highly recommend this course and really enjoyed his electric personality on the screen! A++

Karrilynn Gagliano, US

My first online course. I would highly recommend it.

Loredana Savona, GB

Excellent course with interesting and helpful information. Extra bonus that you can download the course content.

Melissa Davison, GB

Ian certainly knows his stuff. I learnt heaps from this course & strongly recommend it thanks

Laura Cross, AU

Very interesting and very helpful - definitely would recommend to anyone getting a puppy or even having an adolescent dog. Thank you Pet Addict for a great course.

Tracy Barnes, IE

really interesting course. enjoyed learning

Lisa Wilkinson-Black, GB

I found this course very informative and well presented.

Karen Bertoncini, AU

very informative and easy to understand

Alexander Hume, GB

I was surprised at how much I still had to learn about puppies and dogs. Course was extremely thorough. Thankyou

Mrs Kerry, GB

I have enjoyed this part of the course. I have found it most interesting and amusing but so true

christine fryatt, GB

Great course, good videos, great to have a visual aid for this kind of learning. Awesome!

Hannah Dawkins, GB

Great informative course gives you a great look on the dogs point of view and some really informative material. Great layout to the website too.

tammi cottrell, GB

I have just completed this course and found it so informative. It's so simple to follow and the videos are a good bonus. Thank you pet addict

Catherine Peckham, GB

Excellent course, I really learned alot and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

Lyndsey Marcon, GB

Loved this course. Dr. Ian Dunbar is an amazing trainer and his videos and books make everything very easy to follow and learn from.

Heather Kahn, US

A very interesting and informative course.


I would recommend this course this to anyone who is interested in anything in regards to canine work. with regards to rescue work, dog training or just owning a dog it is informative and gives great advise on all aspects of responsibilities of dog ownership from puppy to adulthood. Ian Dunbar is excellent and his training methods are brilliant.

Michelle Watkin, GB

Very insightful course! I enjoyed this very much, thank you!

Hetty de Vries, GB

Easy to navigate around and was really interesting.

Jennifer-Louise Read, GB

I found this course really interesting. The work was well presented and easy to understand.

jennifer marshall, GB

Very informative. Shows there is so much to know before you choose the puppy.

Olivia Gilinger, US

Excellent course; extremely well presented and easy to follow. Even with over 11 years dog handling experience, I have learned new trainungs methods and utilised techniques effectively

paul baker, GB

Informative and easy to follow material

Janette Murphy, GB

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